Where Will Infrastructure Spending Have the Most Impact?

When President Trump gave his first State of the Union Address. In it, he renewed his talk of a massive infrastructure bill to improve the nation’s roads and bridges. Using a strategy of private-public partnerships, if this bill comes to fruition, it could have a big impact on some the states with the worst...


7 Retail Shipping Trends We’re Keeping an Eye On

A lot has been made about the in-store shopping trends we are seeing in retail. What has largely been overlooked are the shipping trends shaping the retail landscape this year. Consumers continue to expect faster deliveries for free which is putting enormous stress on the last mile for retailers. Instead of charging... READ MORE

The Push to the Suburbs: Is Public Transit Keeping Up?

Fallout from the housing collapse a decade ago resulted in a surge in the renter population–outpacing homeownership for the first time in history. It also marked a return to cities where more walkability with access to public transportation offered a much more affordable lifestyle for a population struggling to...


Innovating in the Hotel Space: What’s on Tap for 2018

Of all of the innovations sweeping through CRE this year, perhaps no sector is expecting to see a bigger wave of change than the hotel space. Like all other sectors of the CRE industry, technology is at the heart of these changes. In hospitality, innovation is geared toward creating futuristic Jetson-style customer... READ MORE